For the do-it-yourselfers out there! This is a service where I come to your property and we walk through your garden, and you list your concerns or ask for recommendations on improvement. You may want to add a garden bed, rid your property of weeds, or add a tree. You may want ideas about how to improve a view or you might have an area where nothing will grow. I can help with all that, providing you with strong suggestions, as well as guide and coach you through your process.

The cost of this is $150.00/hr.

To book an in-person consultation, please contact me.


Virtual consultations work just like those in person but are conducted virtually over Face Time or Google meet. You can show me you garden through video while we chat or I can work off of photographs. This is perfect if you don’t live in Toronto but still want helpful advice and design inspiration.

To book an online virtual consultation please click below:


(following garden consultation)

This is a good option if you need a typed report or a refined drawing of the improvements that can be made in your yard: patio layout, garden bed layout, plant lists, privacy tree placement ,etc.

The cost of this depends upon the scope of work that is needed.