Our work and potential collaboration starts with a free 30-minute phone call. This gives you the opportunity to learn about my services and how they might fit with what you want to achieve in your outdoor space. We will discuss your needs in a general way and if you decide you would like to go ahead, the next step is an on-site consultation.

This usually lasts an hour to an hour and a half and the fee is $150.


Before stopping by to meet with you, I’ll have done some research on your site and your location, and I’ll have thought a bit about the needs and wants you identified during our telephone conversation. Then when we meet in person at your property, we can discuss things in a more detailed way–including both of our thoughts, ideas and ultimate vision for your space.

Once we have zeroed in on the scope of the work, I can then determine the fee for your conceptual design plan, should you decide to continue the process. Often we will discuss this at the end of our on-site consultation.

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This is a variable fee which takes into account the scope of the work and, as a result, the time it will take me to create your individualized design plan. It will include a detailed estimate for all work and materials needed to implement the plan.

The conceptual design plan will reflect our discussions about your space and will be a visual representation of your needs and wants. It will include a plan-view drawing (view from above), and an elevation drawing (view from one side), if necessary, to show more detail, as well as some information about materials and plants.

If you decide to proceed and have us build the project, a portion ( a percentage based on the size and scope of the signed contract) of the conceptual design fee will be deducted from your contract at the time of signing and there will be no cost to you for further revisions.


The building phase is when it all comes together and your vision comes to life. My team and I will work hard to create a beautiful, well-constructed landscape that will increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space, as well as add to the property value of your home.



For the do-it-yourselfers out there! This is a service where I come to your property and we walk through your garden, and you list your concerns or ask for recommendations on improvement. You may want to add a garden bed, rid your property of weeds, or add a tree. You may want ideas about how to improve a view or you might have an area where nothing will grow. I can help with all that, providing you with strong suggestions, as well as guide and coach you through your process.

The cost of this is $150.00/hr.


(following garden consultation)

This is a good option if you need a typed report or a refined drawing of the improvements that can be made in your yard: patio layout, garden bed layout, plant lists, privacy tree placement ,etc.

The cost of this depends upon the scope of work that is needed.